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6 Reasons why Anushka IAS is must join for UPSC preparation

6 Reasons why Anushka IAS is must join for UPSC preparation”
While preparing for UPSC, one always feels the burden of taking RIGHT DECISION all the time. With the magnanimous syllabus to cover, an aspirant finds it very difficult to cope with the preparation and loses the motivation to continue for long.
So what do we need to make our position strong in this exam? WE NEED GPS.
No, No, it’s not what you thinking. Suppose, you want to go to some unknown Place. What you will do? You will open your Google Maps, locate the destination, and TA-DA …using those Directions, you will reach the destination.
Similarly in the UPSC exam too, the destination is we know but the right path is all we need. Hence we need GPS here i.e., GURU POSITIONING SYSTEM, where your GURU will guide you through every step and will take you to the success door.
How to find the right coaching institute? Well, this aspect we covered in our previous article.
In this article, we will focus on “Why a serious aspirant must consider ANUSHKA ACADEMY as his/her GPS while Preparation?”
Let’s find out:

UPSC Classroom Courses

Our Flagship UPSC Classroom course is a comprehensive 10-12 month full-time UPSC course where we guide/mentor our UPSC aspirants from the scratch and teach them every aspect of the Civil Services Examination.
This course consists of classroom lectures, comprehensive study materials, and UPSC-IAS test series.
Our classroom program is being conducted in both the medium (English and Hindi) so that no students are left behind in the preparation.

U.S.P. of our programme

Highly experienced faculty across India are taking classes.
Class notes as well as hand-outs by the faculties.
Comprehensive study material
Monthly Current Affairs Magazine called “Anushka Times”
Anushka Prelims Test Series containing 30 GS tests with Answers & explanations.
Daily Newspaper Analysis (D.N.A.) + Daily Answer writing from Newspaper (D.A.W.N.) - to enhance the art of Answer Writing for our students.
Editorial Analysis from top newspapers of India
Summary of Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazines

UPSC Test Series

At times, many bureaucrats are also posted in many government undertakings so that they can promote efficient working culture in those PSUs.

Central Level

Our exclusive test series is known as the Anushka Test Series (ATS) which is designed to develop a sense of focus, accuracy, and well-versed with the current UPSC trend.
Process and Time Period: We conduct ATS 6 – 7 months before the prelims. It will be strictly based on the latest UPSC Trend and of Objective types.
Pattern: GS: 100 Q (200 Marks) and CSAT: 80 Q (200 Marks)
Ideology behind Tests: Clearing UPSC-Prelims becomes very difficult because of negative marking. We have found that many students can’t able to cope with the surprises and challenges thrown at them in the exam and it is due to a lack of practicing the mock test. Hence, our ATS becomes the need of the hour where it guides our aspirants to develop a better understanding of the core concepts, basic principles, and factual aspects of the Prelim subjects.
Explanations: In order to provide an all-round understanding of the topic, we provide our students detailed explanations of every question/test.
Frequency: The tests are conducted every fortnight and the marks are 200 for each of the GS tests.
OMR sheets will be provided to you by us so that you get the full experience of the UPSC Prelims exam.
UPSC/IAS Interview Guidance
Candidates who cleared UPSC (Mains) are being called for Personality Test where they will be grilled for becoming the most powerful government servant in India.
The maximum marks of this last stage are 275 and scoring nearly 200 and above is considered very well in getting a good rank.
This stage tests the candidate’s analytical ability, mental qualities, lateral thinking, logical decision making, etc. which is a must quality for a Civil servant.
To optimize the chance of a candidate’s selection in an Interview, we have launched the UPSC Interview Guidance program.
This program consists of:
Do’s and Don’ts for the Interview
Latest issues of National and International importance
Hot issues of the nation where your views/reforms will be heard
4 mock and 1 one-to-one sitting
We have a team of Retired IAS/IPS/IFS/IRS offices who grill the students on the pattern same as UPSC – Interview.
Digital Classrooms
Our classes are equipped with state-of-art facilities including Digital boards, 3-D Models, Mind mapping sessions which make the learning pedagogy of students very easy.
Library facility
Many students need an environment that is not only peaceful but also conducive for the ideal UPSC preparation. With this thought in mind, we have opened the library facility so that a serious candidate can get his/her learning environment right in their preparation.
As we always said, “Their powers, perks and privileges are many, but their responsibilities outweighed them by much”.
We wish you all the exams for your preparation!!
Dear UPSC-IAS Aspirants,
If you are searching for the best UPSC-IAS coaching institute in Rajasthan, your search stops here. With the optimum fee structure, best faculty from India, and state of art facility, Anushka IAS is the best coaching institute in Rajasthan.

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